About Us

The Legacy of Heroes Project was conceptualized in March of 2022 during the full scale war defense against Russia. Oleg Pavlyshyn brought together many volunteers, some of who were involved in camps for orphans before the war.

So far the team, along with 40+ volunteers, have organized 6 events for over 70 children in Ukraine. Our next event is the “Our Story” Summer Camp.

Our Mission

To be able to provide the necessary support to children whose parents are currently defending Ukraine, or have recently died defending Ukraine while serving in the Armed Forces. The focus of these camps and programs will not be purely recreational, but patriotic. We will convey to the children-defenders of Ukraine the values of Ukrainian history, traditions and culture. We will develop knowledge about the heroes of Ukraine, the immeasurable influence of the Ukrainian diaspora on Ukrainian identity in Ukraine, as well as abroad.

The needs of children become even more pronounced in this extraordinary time of full-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine. This camp will provide a much-needed “safe” space for children to become children again, explore their collective Ukrainian heritage and identity, and have the opportunity to explore their own skills and strengths through the camp’s many different daily workshops.

Meet our team

Oleg Pavlyshyn


Tatiana Semerak


Marta Bigun


Natalya Nagorodna


Lyudmila Kozak

Camp Coordinator

Maryan Koretskyi


Roman Lozynskyi


Michael Bayba